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July 20, 2008


christian anderson

Glad you're back!

Dave Slusher

Sam, keep with it. I always like it when you are on the Gillmor Gang, you counteract some of the more full of crap members.

Dave Donohue


Glad to see you back. Don't let lack of comments discourage you. Personally, I comment on 5% of blog posts I read at best - not a reflection of the value of those posts but rather of time constraints. I read faster than I type.

Also, I'd never discount the value of Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other services you mention above, but if blogs do become passe, a lot of SWMS subscribers (me included) may find themselves looking for a new line of work :)

Mike Lizun

Hey Sam,

A few weeks, a few days, a few posts, whatever you decide, I will be reading...and commenting.

Mike Lizun

Sam Whitmore

Thanks, Christian, Dave, Dave and Mike. Means a lot to hear from you. Especially you, Dave Slusher! It's been a long while... the first podcast conference in Ontario.

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