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SWMS editor Sam Whitmore and managing editor Christy Whitmore together have more than four decades of media experience in print, web and broadcast.


Sam Whitmore is the founder and editor of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, providing tech PR pros with tech media analysis and consulting. Whitmore also hosts a weekly teleconference series featuring prominent tech editors.

A former media columnist for, Whitmore is a frequent public speaker and often is interviewed regarding tech media for print and broadcast. Whitmore spent 14 years at Ziff-Davis Publishing, 12 at PC Week as a reporter, editor, columnist and editor-in-chief. He later served as a company vice-president in business development, and served as an on-camera reporter for Ziff-Davis Television (ZDTV) before leaving to launch Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey in April 1998.

Managing editor Christy Whitmore joined SWMS in August 2005 after five years at CNET and ZDNet as an audio and video producer, with specializations in both enterprise and consumer technology.


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