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June 20, 2007



Although I'm not that young, my colleagues and I fall squarely into the camp of professionals that are thrilled that our agency opened a second office in SF two years ago. We have different reasons for living in the City (and it's not necessarily nightlife, I'm married with a kid on the way -- maybe it's the restaurants and the fact that I don't need a car). I regularly take CalTrain down to our main office for facetime with my penninsula coworkers, but, given the choice, a seven-minutes Vespa ride to Porero Hill is hard to beat.

Sam Whitmore

Serves me right for generalizing, Juan... :-)

How do you like your Vespa? Ever been to vespaquest.com?


Sam, the Vespa brings a smile to my face every morning, especially on the rare San Francisco summer day like today. I used to read the VespaQuest blog and the other official blog, but I believe thy've both since been discontinued. I can't be sure if this coincided with Rubel's departure from CooperKatz.

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