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August 10, 2008



And it continues,Sam!Thick ground fog this am and heavy rain predicted this pm. 30 to 60% chance rain every day this week.Pastures are mud holes, hay is going by (no nutrition left) vegetable gardens are either stagnant (no sun) or literally rotting, mold, mildew etc. My major cris currently is how to cure(dry) my 1000 bulbs of garlic. They are supposed to hang in an area not in direct sunlight (no problem) that is well ventilated (no problem) and in dry air. A major problem!! Will keep you posted.

Sam Whitmore

Wenham Lake is almost up to Route 1A. Amazing. Helen mentioned last night that the North Shore is 50 percent above normal in rainfall.

Jamie Lee

Another East-coaster here...just coming out from under all the RAIN - seems like WAY more than 40 days and 40 nights. I was just talking to some of my West coast gang about how it's fire on the west coast and water on the east. Though it's easy (especially as a New England Yankee) to complain about the weather, having a bi-coastal perspective definitely helps you to appreciate what you have...either way.

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